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Expert Instructor

No Travel Time!

Learn Canyoneering Skills From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Are you looking to learn about the ins and outs of canyoneering  from the comfort of your own home? No need to pack up your car and commute to us – we’ll work around your availability to schedule virtual meetings that fit your needs. Whether you need a quick refresher or want to delve deeper into the world of canyoneering, our online video consultations are sure to meet your needs.

While hands-on training is irreplaceable when it comes to canyoneering, our virtual approach is a great alternative to help you get started on your canyoneering journey. We’ll explore  the ropes of proper rappel rigging and anchor management in a classroom setting, and when you’re ready, get you outside in one of our other popular canyoneering courses to put your new skills to work! With online learning, the sky’s the limit – join us and see what we can accomplish together!

Why Book a Video Consultation

Review canyoneering basics from the comfort of your own home

Get special 1:1 attention to get the answers to all your burning canyoneering questions

Feel confident when you’re out canyoneering with help from experienced canyoneering expert guides

Take advantage of the convenience of online learning to get started in your canyoneering journey

Refresh your existing canyoneering knowledge in a quick, easy and convenient way from a 30-minute up to 8-hour 1:1 video consultation

Course Details


Pricing Tiers for Single Occupancy:

  • 30 min: $40.00
  • 60 min: $65.00
  • 5-8 hrs: $300.00

For multiple participants:

  • 30 min: $20 each additional
  • 60 min: $40 each additional
  • 5-8 hrs: $200 each additional




30 minutes – 8 hours

Group size


Not included

  • Personal rigging gear
  • Video equipment with Zoom Video Conference application

Course staff

1 – 2

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