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Enjoy the Thrills of North Wash Canyoneering with Our Two Canyon Combo Tour

Get ready for a thrilling adventure with our two canyon combo day AKA our Blarney Canyon tour! You’ll have the opportunity to explore not one, but two breathtaking canyons, with a quick stop back at the vehicle for a much-needed break and lunch.

We’ll start with the easier canyon where you’ll learn how to navigate different obstacles, with a couple of rappels ranging from 15 ft to 45 ft in each canyon. But that’s not all – there will be plenty of down climbing and stemming to keep things exciting as we make our way through both canyons.

If you’re lucky, the timing will be just perfect and you’ll be able to marvel at the darker narrow chambers with stunning lighting. And if we’re extra lucky, we may even get to experience the refreshing hike directly after a rainstorm.

The second canyon is even more thrilling, with a rabbit hole down climb that will have you dropping into the canyon below without seeing what’s below you. Your expert guide will be there alongside you every step of the way.

You’ll have the chance to get comfortable with rappelling, down climbing, and stemming as we hike down the canyon. You’ll be in awe of the sandstone sculpted walls and dry fall chutes that have been carved over millions of years. The hike up and across the rim will provide a breathtaking view of the surrounding canyons and the North Wash area. The stunning view of the Henry Mountains will take your breath away. You’re in for a treat with a day of adventure, thrills, and breathtaking beauty on our Blarney Canyon tour!

Why Choose This Tour

Rappel in not just one, but two canyons ranging from 15 to 45 feet

Get in loads of down climbing and stemming practice as we move through the two canyons

Marvel in the incredible view of the Henry Mountains

Canyoneer in one of the most beautiful places in the U.S., surrounded by sandstone sculpted walls, and dry fall chutes

The perfect canyoneering experience for beginners looking to get more comfortable with canyoneering!

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Trip Details

Trip Details


  • $230 for one person
  • $195 per person for two people
  • $165 per person for groups of 3 – 5
  • $145 per person for groups of 6 – 10

Departure time

7am meet time at our 0ffice – 8:45 am meet time at Hog Springs in North Wash

Meeting point

Our office in Blanding, Utah or Hog Springs Rest Area in North Wash, Utah


Months available: March – November
Days available: Monday – Saturday


6 – 7 Hours
*Includes a 1 hr 45 minute drive to trailhead

Group size

1 – 10


  • Expert guides and canyoneering instruction with decades of experience in aspects of canyoneering as well as search and rescue and emergency medicine
  • All technical canyoneering gear
  • All group safety rescue gear
  • Snacks

Not included

  • Transportation to and from the trailhead
  • Gratuity for guides

What to bring

  • A small backpack to carry your gear in
  • Personal appropriate snacks as desired
  • A minimum of 2 liters of water per person (more in the hotter months)
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for a desert environment and layers appropriate for the season. We may have the opportunity to get wet in the canyon, but no sandals or open toed shoes will be allowed. 
  • Footwear should be of solid quality to be hiking all day in. Shorts and jeans are discouraged – all clothing worn may get damaged in the canyon.

Participation requirements

You should be in good physical condition and able to hike all day in rough uneven and challenging terrain.


The Blarney Canyon canyoneering trip starts with a 45-minute hike to the first fork of Blarney Canyon! We’ll go up the rim and come around the canyons to drop into our first rappel of the day of about 45 feet, packed with a lot of scrambling and squeezing! Throughout the first canyon, we’ll have the opportunity to get plenty of squeezing, downclimbing, boulder hopping, scrambling, partner assists, hallway walks, and navigating narrow sections through sculpted canyon walls. Sounds like fun, right? We’ll finally come to the last rappel of the first fork in Blarney Canyon, about 20 feet, down a small chamber.

We’ll then return to the car for a breather before heading off to the second fork of Blarney Canyon. We’ll make the same 45-minute hike but drop in sooner for a different rappel of about 45 feet! This canyon provides a different experience and is a bit narrower, like going through a rabbit hole. We’ll have the opportunity to downclimb, practice partner assists, and other technical aspects as in the first canyon. We’ll approach the next 45-foot rappel, this time going down a dark slot and ending up in a beautiful chamber that is well worth the effort! From here, we’ll have a few downclimbs, shimmying and turning sideways through tight sections until we reach the 25-minute exit hike back to the car, an easy flat walk – the perfect way to end this challenging but rewarding full day of canyoneering in Blarney Canyon!

Good To Know

Although there’s no way we can predict the weather, you may get wet in the canyon. But, no sandals or open-toed shoes will be allowed for safety protocols. Your footwear should be of the utmost quality to comfortably hike all day.

All clothing worn may get damaged in the canyon, and shorts and jeans are discouraged.

You don’t have to be in top physical form, but you must be in good enough shape to hike all day in rough, uneven, and challenging terrain.

Due to the possibility of inclement weather and flash floods, trips may be canceled for these reasons, amongst others. Please see our cancellation policy page for more information on this.


A guided canyoneering trip consists of the group hiking, climbing, scrambling, down climbing and stemming and rappelling through narrow slot canyons.

When we meet up at our designated meeting locations, we will have a safety briefing and instructions for the trip. We’ll gear up and then depart for the canyon(s). During the trip we will be hiking over slick rock, in sand, through water, and between the walls of the canyons. We will be in and out of the sun and shade. There will be several steep inclines to hike up, and several steep descents into the canyon(s),. We will spend the day in the canyon and have frequent snack and water breaks in the canyon, or a couple of the trips have breaks in between two separate canyons where we will be back at the vehicle. Once finished we will hike out, inventory gear and depart to your various other destinations.

No you don’t need to be in peak physical condition. You do need to be able to hike for several hours on different types of terrain and different angles of terrain while carrying a pack with your personal gear and some group gear including ropes, harness, helmet, water, wetsuits, and any clothing you wish to bring along.

Aside from knowing what to expect, previous experience is not generally necessary. We offer trips for various skill levels. During our Canyoneering Trips we offer enough instruction to get you through the canyon at key critical points.

Rappelling know-how is not required and guides are more than willing to help instruct on the basics to get you down the canyon. Due to the heights of some of the drops, those with an extreme fear of heights should take into consideration whether or not they believe they would be able to finish once started on a hike that requires rappelling. Once started into some of the canyons the only way out is to rappel out. We can not turn around halfway through and climb out. Rappelling will have to be accomplished. Some people find the rappel either the most exciting part, or the scariest part.

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