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Learn the Basics in Our Canyoneering Course in Moab, Utah

Our Moab Technical Canyoneering Basics course is the perfect fit for individuals who are either beginners or have some experience with the sport but lack formal training. This course aims to provide a safe approach to canyoneering by discussing the fundamental requirements and how to assess and mitigate risks associated with the sport.

We’ll start the course with an anchor module that covers anchor building and assessment. It discusses how to approach canyons with pre-built anchors and how to reconstruct and evaluate them if needed. From there, the course moves into rappelling and ascending, covering emergency situations and how to escape obstacles such as potholes.

The course includes a canyon descent where you will have the opportunity to put your new skills into practice, including canyoneering movements like downclimbing and stemming, as well as partner assists and meat anchors.

To ensure students receive personalized attention and have the opportunity to ask questions, the course is kept small and manageable. The course is conducted near Moab, providing students with a range of accommodation and meal options, so they can focus on learning without the added concerns of packing overnight gear and food.

Why Choose This Course

Discover fundamental canyoneering principles such as approaching the sport from a safe position and mitigating risks in Canyoneering to ensure a safe outing (and more!)

Enjoy a welcoming and diverse course environment for everyone from complete beginners to students with some canyoneering experience under their belt - there’s a place for everyone!

Get the confidence needed to rappel with the best of them through learning the ins and outs of all aspects of rappelling - in all possible situations

Become more comfortable in emergencies (before they happen!) by learning how to think like a pro in those situations

Put your knowledge to the ultimate test in several canyon descents to truly learn how a safe canyon descent is made

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Course Details

Course Details


$495 per person


March 16 – 18, 2023 **COURSE FILLED UP**
September 28 – 30, 2023 **COURSE CLOSED**


3 days

Group size

Maximum 10


  • Professional guide and instructors, decades of knowledge and experience teaching and training canyoneering and search and rescue
  • All necessary ropes and anchor rigging material
  • All necessary rescue gear to be introduced during the course

Not included

  • Food and lodging
  • Transportation to and from the training site
  • Gratuity for Instructors

What to bring

Appropriate layered clothing and footwear to be in the elements all three days

Course staff

1-4 depending on class size

What You'll Learn

Safety briefing and risk assessment for canyoneering hazards

Canyon rating systems

Meteorology and flash floods

Canyoneering ethics

Canyoneering gear available and deeded

Anchors and anchor rigging for canyoneering


Rappel back ups and belay’s for safety in canyoneering

Friction setting and adjustment for various rappel devices

Ascending a rope

Ascending for self rescue and pothole escapes

Transitioning direction while on rope

Rope retrieval, care and packing

Group dynamics and gear collaboration for in canyon travel

Gear and preparedness inventory

In canyon practicals


All courses are taught by our guiding staff. Some courses may require us to have an outside instructor come in such as Wilderness First Aid where we offer a certification in CPR by the American Heart Association.

Our scheduled courses are not appropriate for small children. We recommend a minimum age of 12. Students under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Sometimes the best thing to do with children is to schedule a private class where individual attention can be given to the particular age group.

Obviously weather prediction is a tricky thing to do, just watch your local weather report and see how often they get it right. Anything more than a week in advance is a guesstimate. We schedule courses based on historical averages of weather patterns.

Courses are scheduled March – June and September – October. We don’t schedule any courses in November – February due to colder temperatures, and July – August due to hotter temperatures. During the other months we hope that the weather is bearable. Starting about in the middle of June through the first part of October also brings our Monsoon season, although very rarely a problem where we teach the courses. During the warmer temperatures we try to spend more time in the canyons where we can get wet. During the cooler temperatures we try to get through the wet stuff as quickly as possible, but hope that you are also prepared for the temperatures. We have done courses in extreme heat, fairly cold weather, in rain and almost in snow. We hope that no matter what happens you will enjoy your time with us and learn from the material as we work with the weather mother nature gives us.

This being said, if you are willing to bear the weather you are welcome to book a private course any time we have available space.

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