Technical Canyoneering Course

The 3 Day Technical Course trains you in all the skills needed to start your own Canyoneering Adventures.

3 Day Technical Canyoneering Course

The 3 Day Technical Canyoneering course has been the premier all inclusive beginners course for over a decade. It is designed to give you the skills you need to pursue your canyoneering adventures on your own and take your slot canyon explorations to the next level. The course discusses beginning and intermediate techniques and works to help the student to feel more comfortable in a canyon setting and with rope rigging systems used. The class prepares you to traverse through canyons rated up to and including 3B in the technical canyon rating system (which we discuss the rating systems during the class as well).

Jump start your Canyoneering Adventures? Book the Technical Canyoneering Course ...

Rappelling Training during the Technical Canyoneering Course

Locking off on Rappel during the Technical Canyoneering Course

Ascending practice during Technical Canyoneering Course

Hiking into our Training Canyon during the Technical Canyoneering Course

In Canyon Practice during Technical Canyoneering Course

Rappelling into Pothole during Technical Canyoneering Course

Coming off the BIG rappel during the Technical Canyoneering Course

Stemming the Canyon wall during the Technical Canyoneering Course

Course information

The course includes the techniques and skills taught in the American Canyoneering Academy's training cirriculum and will satisfy prerequisites for Advanced and Canyon Rescue Courses - See our Pre Reqs Sheet Here.

Course Cost is $495.00 per person for the 3 Day course
Let us do the Meals for you While Camping - Additional $85 for Meal Plan for the courses in North Wash  (Breakfast and Dinners Thursday morning thru Saturday Morning)

2023 Scheduled Dates:
March 9-11, 2023 (In Moab, Utah)
March 16-18, 2023 (In Moab, Utah)
April 6-8, 2023 (Camping in North Wash, Utah)
April 13-15, 2023 (Camping in North Wash, Utah) **COURSE FULL**

Please plan to wear good comfortable footwear and clothing that can get beat up. We encourage students to have the proper personal gear necessary to descend a technical canyon. This encourages the student to learn to use the equipment they have, however we can provide all the necessary technical rope gear, harness, helmets and rappel devices to help the student complete the courses. We do offer a discount on gear in our store to students on site.

For more information regarding training courses,  other ways to help you prepare for your course, or our Cancellation Policy - Check out or Courses FAQ page.

Technical Canyoneering Training Courses w/ North Wash Outfitters

You won't regret the skills you learn and the Lifetime of Adventure the Technical Canyoneering Course leads to ...